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MI2 Celebrates Ten Years of Making Calm out of Chaos

Back in 2008, like many others, Julian and Gretchen Brigden feared that their financial future may not survive the coming crash. Just three short years later, at the request of an iconic hedge fund, they launched Macro Intelligence 2 Partners. For the last ten years, MI2’s unique tangential thought process and strong calls have empowered […]

Macro madness – the mania driving volatility in our markets

The last month has been uncertain and uncomfortable for investors. As measured by the VIX volatility index, a barometer of investor expectations for future market moves, volatility has just had its biggest spike since June. And while volatility has – and always will have – its place in the markets, the context of our current […]

2021: The Year of Inflation

What a ride the last 12 months has been. It’s clear that 2020 will go down in the history books as a challenging year; characterised by astonishingly polarized political discourse, fires, and of course COVID-19. For the markets, it was a year of unprecedented stimulus to offset the unprecedented contraction in economic activity. In fact, […]

Election commentary part II – Recovery postponed until further notice

In our last blog, we discussed the fact that, whether it was Trump or Biden for the win, there are no quick fixes for jump-starting the economy back to life. To recap we said, “both potential leaders will have their work cut out for them, and it won’t simply be a matter of finding demand […]

MI2 Us Election Commentary Part I: The only certainty is uncertainty

Presidential elections are always high-stakes, winner-takes-all races to the top. The 2020 US election is no exception. Gripped by the effects of the CV-19 pandemic, and the economic fallout, America is stood at a crossroads of change. As it currently stands, Biden is in the lead in many of the national polls but in many states the […]

Changing seasons in the macro climate

As we swiftly head towards the end of the year, several people have asked me what the outlook is for Q4. My response? “100% of sod all, is still sod all.” This is something I said a couple of weeks ago when I was, of course, referring to the fact that if GDP started at […]

An Englishman’s home is his castle

The problem is that it’s built in a highly financialized space. As many of you who follow us on Twitter know, we are convinced that we are at a societal and macro inflection point; and its development has been accelerated by CV-19. For markets, the implications are potentially profound, with a myriad of highly complex […]

Ask Us Anything (and we do mean anything)

Earlier this month, we took to Twitter using #askMI2 for our first live Q&A featuring Harry Melandri. This is the first of many sessions designed to give you direct access to our team of specialists. This month we covered The Federal Reserve’s current activities Viable stock options Trading 101’s For those that missed it – […]

Why you shared care about declining CPI?

Across the world, inflation is plunging. The last US Consumer Price Index (CPI) broke records – and not the good kind. Headline CPI declined 0.8% with gasoline, apparel, motor vehicle insurance, and airline fares all contributing to the drop. But it’s not just the overall decline we should be concerned about, it’s the month on […]

A generational inflection point in macro is now

Pandemics have always had political effects. Between 1342 and 1353, the Black Death led people to question their relationships with the Catholic church. The spread of cholera across Europe in 1848 led to revolutions in 50 countries. The Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 killed so many men it encouraged women’s rights. Once again, we find […]