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Frequently Asked Questions

General Support Questions

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Subscription and Trial Questions

  • MI2 Institutional Research is our our comprehensive product with the broadest macro coverage designed for investors with access to institutional trading accounts. In our Institutional research, we create a much more nuanced macro view while also providing specific trade directions. The more nuanced view has several benefits. First, it allows us to provide clients with insight into different scenarios and approach things more probabilistically, which are important for sizing, scaling, and agility. Second, though we offer specific recommendations when we see very distinct opportunities, it allows clients to tailor how they express a trade. For instance, how someone capitalizes on a weakening dollar will depend on their specific mandate (commodities, FI, FX, etc.) and how they integrate macro into their overall strategy
  • Macro Insiders is our individual product published in collaboration with Raoul Pal of GMI and Real Vision. It is a lighter macro research newsletter, published five times a month, focused on assets available to retail investors. In Macro Insiders, we use broader strokes to outline our macro view, helping clients build out their mental framework about how the different moving parts play into one another and how developments could affect different instruments. We then pair this with specific trade recommendations, complete with levels to watch as targets, stops, and sometimes for scaling in. These trade recommendations are also tailored to retail investors who may not have access to niche or complex products that institutions use. Macro Insiders is included in an MI2 Institutional subscription or can be purchased on its own.

Macro Insiders is sold as part of the Pro Macro bundle and includes Real Vision’s Essential and Plus Product. Macro Insiders costs $3,499 per annum. To learn more about subscribing, visit Real Vision.

We require a one year term and 90 day cancellation after the term.

We publish our core research when we have something to say and not on a set schedule. The mixture and timing of pieces are market dependent, but we publish approximately eight to ten times a month.

  •  8-10 Monthly Research Reports – our core product that seeks to pull together and clearly explain current global macroeconomic markets with the goal of aiding our client’s decision-making process for better positioning. We are heavy graphic users to clearly illustrate concepts and, in some cases, show the direction of an indicator.
  •  Japan Update Publication – our market commentary piece uniquely sourced from Japanese language news sources Published 10-15 times a month
  • Thoughts from the Divide – our free, weekly newsletter that shares what our Research Team is reading to refine their views on current, influential macroeconomic topics. The newsletter offers brief synopses on articles of interest from a wide range of media outlets, accompanied by charts. 
  • Any additional content we produce including podcasts & video presentations.

**Please note: Macro Insiders is NOT included in a free trial**