Inflation, Bonds & Insanity

Our job is to make calm out of chaos. We use a unique research process that yields a data-driven interpretation of the world markets and politics. By focusing on the “big picture” we distill our research down into simple and actionable advice, empowering our clients to identify and exploit profitable trading opportunities.

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Take a peek behind the curtain at three of MI2’s most prescient research pieces of 2021, included in one download

Inflation The Key Variable in 2021 – An overview of the high levels of inflation we anticipated

Bonds: You’re Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off – Our follow-up that looks at how the inflation themes and other factors were playing into bonds as an asset class.

The Fed’s Balance Sheet: The Definition of Insanity – Referencing some of our earlier work, we lay out the ideas that Julian Brigden has built upon in discussions about the Fed’s reaction function and market consequences.

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