MI2's Global Macro Summit

September 26-29| Vail, CO

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It is more important than ever to expand & broaden our mental horizons.

Invitation to Vail, September 2023

As the sequential shocks of de-globalisation, Covid and the Ukraine war have upended so many previously complacent assumptions, it is more important than ever to expand and broaden our mental horizons. From demand shocks to a splintering geopolitical landscape, old foes and challenges are haunting markets just as new developments such as AI and ever-increasing digitization threaten to upend and reshape the economic terrain. With all of this as a backdrop, I eagerly anticipate the upcoming inaugural MI2 Global Macro Summit.

Whether you’re seeking to fine-tune your existing investment approach to better weather any inbound squalls or looking to explore new areas of the market, the knowledge you’ll gain will empower you to make more informed decisions.

Some of the brightest minds in across financial markets will converge in Vail this September, where we have assembled a slate of world-renowned experts to take part in thought-provoking presentations and engaging discussions.  Carefully curated, our line-up of speakers consists of some of the best macro thinkers, experienced investors, and industry leaders drawn from the network that we at MI2 rely on to enrich our understanding, challenge our assumptions, or broaden our perspective in our normal course of business. Just to name a few,

  • Warren Mosler – Economist, Theorist, and MMT Pioneer
  • Pippa Malmgren – Technologist/Futurist and Presidential advisor
  • Rob Dugger – Retired Investor and Former Senior Staff Member of various House and Senate Committees
  • Barry Knapp – Managing Partner and Director of Research of Ironside Macroeconomics

The summit will offer a galvanizing experience, fuelling our intellectual curiosity and empowering us all with a competitive edge. In addition to the formal proceedings, the congenial atmosphere we will create in the stunning surroundings of Vail in the Autumn will provide the opportunity to engage informally with old friends and new alike.

I hope you can join us for this opportunity to battle out the investment conundrums we all face, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the event.

Follow the link for more: https://mi2partners.com/global-macro-summit-early-bird-registration/.

Ronnie Aked
MI2 Advisor