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Is China Still Open for Business?

Dr. Komal Sri-Kumar founded macroeconomic consulting firm Sri-Kumar Global Strategies to advise multinational firms and sovereign wealth funds on risk and opportunity around the world. Sri joins Harry Melandri to explain why China’s global ambitions represent a major macro risk and, at the same time, how emerging markets have never had more potential for growth.

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Japan Update: July-September GDP Falls 1.2%

  • July-September GDP Falls 1.2%
  • Overseas Investors Continue to Short JGBs
  • October Tourist Arrivals Double but Still Far Short of Pre-COVID Levels
  • Unrealized Investment Losses at 60% of Regional Banks
  • Machinery Orders Fall 1.6% in July-September, Outlook for Improvement


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Justin Huhn on Why We’re Going Nuclear

Justin Huhn, the founder of Uranium Insider, joins Harry Melandri for a compelling conversation about the resurgence of nuclear as a baseload power option and rising demand for uranium in the latest episode of The Next Big Trade.

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