Podcast & Media Interviews

The Next Big Trade with Harry Melandri

April 25, 2022

Raoul Pal joins Harry Melandri on the debut episode of The Next Big Trade to discuss his unique financial journey, potential opportunities in US bond markets, and much more.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria with Julian Brigden

April 15, 2022

“Central banks ‘woefully’ behind the inflation story” – Julian Brigden discusses inflation and the economy.

Opto Sessions Podcast with Julian Brigden

April 14, 2022

“Recession, Red-Hot Inflation & How to Make Calm Out of Chaos” – Julian Brigden, co-founder, and president of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, warns that US equities are unlikely to sustain the levels of growth seen over the past two years, but that there could be opportunities in emerging markets like Chile.

Yahoo Finance Live with Julian Brigden

April 6, 2022

“Market action shows ‘a bit of delusion going on here'” – Julian Brigden and Michael Kushma, Morgan Stanley Investment Management CIO of Broad Markets Fixed Income, join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the market trends against the Fed’s interest rate hikes, inflation, earnings season, and the outlook of a recession.

Real Vision Daily Briefing with Julian & Maggie Lake

April 6, 2022

“What did the Fed Minutes Reveal?” – Julian joins Maggie Lake to look at the latest out of the Fed, the trajectory of monetary policy, inflation and the broader macro landscape. 

Nasdaq Trade Talks with Julian & Jill Malandrino

March 25, 2022

“How Investors Can Protect Themselves During Market Vulnerabilities” – Julian Brigden joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss how investors can protect themselves during market vulnerabilities.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

March 22, 2022

“The Fed’s rate hikes ‘not in your favor'” – Julian Brigden explains why he’s unsure whether the Federal Reserve can get inflation under control and avoid a recession.

Yahoo Finance Live with Julian Brigden

March 15, 2022

Fed decision will be ‘best telegraphed 25 basis-point rate hike’ in history” – Julian Brigden discusses the Fed’s monetary policy as markets begin to stabilize, how the Fed can make its balance sheet, and responds to the Fed’s political climate as Sarah Bloom Raskin withdraws her nomination

Real Vision Daily Briefing: Harry Melandri & Maggie Lake

February 28, 2022

“Volatility Reigns as Sanctions Regime Takes Shape” Former central banker, Harry Melandri, and geopolitical expert, Jacob Shap, join Maggie Lake to discuss the latest happenings across the macro landscape as stocks tumble to kick off the week.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

February 25, 2022

“Impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Fed rates hike” – Julian Brigden weighs in on how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is impacting markets and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes.

Real Vision Daily Briefing: Harry Melandri & Maggie Lake

February 4, 2022

“‘Whiplash Week’ Ends With a Jobs Jolt” Harry Melandri joins Maggie Lake to wrap up what has been one hell of a week. They explore everything from the jobs report and market volatility to monetary policy and beyond. 

MoneyWeek Podcast: Julian Brigden & Merryn Somerset Webb

January 25, 2022

MoneyWeek’s editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb talks with Julian Brigden of MI2 Partners about the unwinding of the US stock markets super-bubble, and the risks and opportunities it poses for investors.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria and Julian Brigden

January 14, 2022

“Biden’s Fed vice chair nominee won’t ‘change Fed policy at all'” – In this interview, Julian says that while Sarah Bloom Raskin is up for a powerful position, she won’t initially impact policy. 

Forex Analytics: Julian Brigden & Dale Pinkert

January 14, 2022

Julian Brigden is being interviewed by Dale Pinkert @ForexStopHunter during the F.A.C.E. Webinar. Julian watches money flows during different session in Europe and the U.S to see which way flows are going. He’s very bearish DXY and would love to buy silver near $19.

MacroVoices: Julian Brigden & Erik Townsend

December 9, 2021

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome MI2 Partners founder Julian Brigden to the show. Julian explains in great detail why he disagrees with the transitory inflation argument posed by David Rosenberg last week.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

December 3, 2021

“Fed’s Powell may have ‘miscalculated’ flexibility in labor market'” – Julian Brigden provides insight into Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony.

Real Vision Daily Briefing: Harry Melandri and Maggie Lake

October 28, 2021

“Pending Home Sales Miss The Mark While Naked Wines’ Stock Pops Up 30%”– Harry Melandri and Maggie Lake explore labor market conditions, pending home sales, mortgage rates, and the latest “story stock,” Naked Wines.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

October 7, 2021

“End of this year will be in “dangerous time’ for markets” – Julian Brigden discusses what will happen to the stock market if the debt ceiling is extended through December.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

August 30, 2021

“Taper tantrum is not expected” – Julian Brigden speaks about the Federal Reserve, economic trends and the markets.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

August 13, 2021

“Fed has its ‘foot on the accelerator'” – Julian Brigden argues markets would react differently to consumer spending if policymakers weren’t involved.

Real Visoin Daily Briefing: Julian Brigden & Raoul Pal

July 23, 2021

Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden dive deep into their respective frameworks, discussing the differences in how they’re seeing the macro picture as well as rallying around where they are aligned.

The Felder Report: Julian Brigden & Jesse Felder

June 23, 2021

In this episode, Julian discusses how he developed MI2 Partners uniquely insightful methodology and how he uses it today to inform his own trading and that of his many institutional and retail clients.

Fox Business: Mornings with Maria feat. Julian Brigden

June 21, 2021

“Fed signaling rate hikes in 2033” – Julian Brigden discusses the Federal Reserve’s outlook on inflation and economic recovery.

Wall Street with Markus Koch and Julian Brigden

May 27, 2021

Julian speaks with Markus on why the risk of inflation is underestimated, the US dollar is falling significantly, and government bond yields are likely to rise again soon. An insight into the dilemma of the American federal reserve.

Market Champions: Julian & Srivatsan Prakash

May 16, 2021

Julian talks with host Srivatsan about the importance of understanding history, his thesis on the USD and emerging markets, the metals he’s watching and much more.

ReSolve Riffs: Macro with Julian Brigden, on Inflation, Bubbles and the Dollar

March 5, 2021

Our guest this week is Julian Brigden (‎Co-Founder & President: · ‎Macro Intelligence 2 Partners), a macro strategist who is particularly focused on secular USD trend and their ramifications across global markets.

MacroVoices: Erik Townsend & Julian Brigden

February 11, 2021

“As Good As It Gets?” – MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Julian Brigden to the show to discuss why Julian thinks equity valuations are already stretched and why he shares the inflationary view expressed by Russell Napier and Jim Bianco in recent episodes.

QuickHit podcast with Julian Brigden

November 10, 2021

In this QuickHit episode, our guest Julian Brigden answers “What signals are markets missing right now?” This is hosted by Complete Intelligence