MI2 Trader: EZ Inflation and Bund

As we discussed in our latest video, given our US inflation/growth views, it is very difficult to be structural Treasury bulls. However, in the last nine months, losses in Treasuries have rivalled those at the beginning of the Volker era in 1980. Therefore, there is no question that some of this is in the price. This, in turn, led us to expect a time and price consolidation in the long end of the US curve. Such a move would allow the RSI on our futures chart to recover before it got slapped again this summer by the tail end of the inflation hurricane! 

MI2 Trader: A Short Sterling Short

In January, we highlighted the inconsistency of US interest rate futures pricing and suggested shorting ED11s (“MI2 Trader: Eurodollars Timber?” 12th Jan). At the time, the logic seemed pretty straightforward: Ultra-accommodative monetary policy and multiple large fiscal packages. These, together with vaccination programs and perhaps the largest ever inventory cycle, seemed likely to unleash the greatest wave of aggregate demand since WWII. The icing on the cake was that it was set to run smack bang into bottlenecks in global supply chains, which would turbocharge the inflationary cycle, testing both markets and the Fed.

MI2 Framework: Inflation and Correlation


  • The current macro backdrop looks more and more like the late 1960s
  • Policymakers believe inflation is contained, but markets are rightly worried 
  • This is beginning to show in the correlation between bond and equity prices 
  • If current pricing is sustained, it would mark a profound change for markets

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