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Clients tell us that our research allows them to develop a clear, big-picture frame-work of market conditions, resulting movements, and most importantly position their portfolios. We use a series of proprietary, predictive models to anchor our views and create the basis for a repetitive process.

  • Core Research Reports – our core product that seeks to pull together and clearly explain current global macroeconomic markets with the goal of aiding our client’s decision-making process for bettering positioning. We are heavy graphic users to clearly illustrate concepts over time and in some cases, show the direction of an indicator.
  • MI2 Trader Reports – the focused complement to our Core Research Reports and is concisely written with a call to action based on current market activity.
  • Framework Pieces – structural pieces in which we discuss our bigger picture views.
  • Weekly Research Recaps – we know a lot of research comes your way, so these monthly catch-ups, sent at the end of each month, are invaluable for easily keeping up-to-date. 
  • The Japan Update is a unique product in which our team member Jeff Uscher uses Japanese Language Sources to discover subtleties in local news and markets. Published 10-15 times a month.

Our Research Archive

  • access and search our entire back catalogue of research.