MI2's Global Macro Summit

September 26-29| Vail, CO

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From semiconductor output in Taiwan to Swedish unemployment, the MI2 Research Team has a global perspective, providing insight across instruments and geographies.


FX has proved to be a great place to observe and exploit evolving inter-country dynamics. Our coverage of currencies takes advantage of a wide variety of data, from evolving trade relations to likely policy changes and central bank reaction functions.
Our equity coverage includes long, short, and spread recommendations, taking advantage of opportunities both across and within various global markets.
In addition to many of the more widely followed commodities, such as precious metals and the energy complex, we follow a number of other markets, including ags and industrials, as well as countries or indexes who may be affected by broad moves.
Fixed Income
While some bonds have come under the purview of central banks in some form of yield curve control, our research covers both niche and mainstream parts of the fixed income market to find opportunities. CLOs, the Shale Patch, Agency MBS, and Treasuries have all been topics of focus in our work.
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Though much of our coverage is focused on US markets, we also look for opportunities among our regional trading partners and in emerging markets.
In addition to following regional dynamics, we often use country-level data to provide clients with broader insight as well as specific trades.
Our analysis often covers Japan, but also extends to South Korea, Australia, and beyond when we notice interesting or unusual conditions.
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