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Macro Intelligence 2 Partners is a global independent macroeconomic research firm established in 2011. Our team generates research that guides you through market fundamentals; helping you anticipate resulting movements and execute timely trades. We look at how economies move by analysing the macroeconomic variables that drive asset prices. Our goal is to help clients exploit trading opportunities inherent in macroeconomic and policy-related developments. We are not there to manage portfolios. Our research empowers clients to take more intelligent risks and understand where to spot opportunities.

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A Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to continuously refine our views so the client can prosper. The MI2 team has decades of market experience through bull and bear markets.

Refined Timing

We only publish when opportunities are identified, not on a set schedule. We don't speak out unless we have value to add.

Unparalleled Perspective

Our work is time-sensitive and impartial research focused on successfully navigating markets. Our research guides clients’ strategic positioning and risk management.

Powerful Independence

We are authentic with our work producing research pieces on an impartial and time-sensitive basis focusing solely on the client’s advances in the market.

What our clients are saying

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Big World Thinking

Understand the jigsaw puzzle of how all asset prices, markets and economies are inter-related: FX, Rates, Commodities, Political, and Market Analysis.

Big Cycle Trends

You might be focused on an individual stock, but if you miss the big macro waves that are coming, it doesn’t matter how well that individual stock performs – you could get wiped out.

Big Win Opportunities

The missing link that retail investors have been crying out for: expert macroeconomic research & actionable trading strategy with a proven track record.

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