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We are a Global Macroeconomic Research Firm established in 2011. Led by Julian Brigden, our research team has over 150 years of market experience. Our team's diverse talents and unique research process yields an unrivaled understanding of world markets and politics.

Our Offer

Macroeconomic Research With...

A Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to continuously refine our views so the client can prosper. The MI2 team has decades of market experience through bull and bear markets.

Refined Timing

We only publish when opportunities are identified, not on a set schedule. We don't speak out unless we have value to add. 

Unparalleled Perspective

Our work is time-sensitive and impartial research focused on successfully navigating markets. Our research guides clients’ strategic positioning and risk management.

Powerful Independence

We are authentic with our work producing research pieces on an impartial and time-sensitive basis focusing solely on the client’s advances in the market.

What our clients are saying

Inside MI2 Institutional

Private Access

Small Group Calls and Video Presentations, where we tie together our views in an intuitive format with market outlooks, monthly summaries and Q&A.

MI2 Reports

Pulls together and explains current global macroeconomic markets. We are heavy graphic users to clearly illustrate concepts over time.

MI2 Trader

Focuses on opening, closing or watching a trade, or trades, that have come to our attention through technical or fundamental indicators.

MI2 Catch Up

A brief recap of what we published in the last month with links to the full report, in case you missed it.

Japan Update

Japan focused work based on Japanese Language Sources; uncovers subtleties in local news, politics, FX, and markets.

Macro Insiders

To meet growing demand for elite macro analysis among retail investors, we made our institutional quality research more accessible.

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